Our lab performs testing for a variety of cytokines and adipokines from commercially available kits. Common examples include TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-10, IL-1beta, leptin, and adiponectin. Our price list includes the most commonly used testing platforms. In many cases, one can choose between a traditional ELISA or an assay performed with beads on the single molecule counting instrument (SMCxPro). In other cases, the choice may be between an automated platform, traditional ELISA or RIA.

Please note that measuring ranges and volume required can vary a good bit from platform to platform. Basic information about tube type and sample volume is listed on our pricing sheet and in the table below as that may help you decide. However, we are happy to help you find the most appropriate assay for your specific needs. Please reach out to us by phone or email through the button below.

Below are some specifics for cytokine assays we commonly run. These specifications are for human cytokines. Please check with manufacturer for kit availability for other species. ELISA kits are from R&D Systems and SMCxPro are from MilliporeSigma.

AnalyteMethodSample Type# Sample Volume (µL)Manufacturer Stated Reporting Range* LLOQ actually obtained (pg/mL)
IL-1 beta HSSMCxProserum or plasma1000.20-50 ph/mL0.80
IL-6 HSSMCxProserum or plasma750.08-50 pg/mL0.02 to 0.31
IL-6 HSELISAserum or plasma1000.2-10 pg/mLN/A
IL-6ELISAserum or plasma1003.1-300 pg/mLN/A
IL-10 HSSMCxProserum or plasma1000.10-100 pg/mL0.10 to 0.39
TNF-aSMCxProserum or plasma1000.02-50 pg/mL0.1 to 0.4
TNF-aELISAcell supernatant (or higher values expected)5015.6-1000 pg/mLN/A
TNF-a HSELISAserum or plasma500.2-10 pg/mLN/A
VEGF-ASMCxProserum or plasma250.20-100 pg/mL0.20 to 0.78
VEGF-AELISAserum, plasma10015.6-1000 pg/mLN/A
VEGF-AELISAcell culture supernatant20031.3-2000 pg/mLN/A
* LLOQ is lowest concentration that achieves CV of <20% and % recovery ± 20%.
# Sample volume is for one replicate. We ask that you provide enough sample to run two replicates.
Stability Notes- Cytokines

Best practices include:

  • Use the same sample type throughout your study.
  • Sodium heparin is the preferred sample type due to its stable recovery of many different cytokines (1). Other sample types may be acceptable, especially if you are running only one or a few cytokines.
  • Process clinical sample as soon as possible (within 1 hour of collection).
  • Store at -80°C, not longer than 2 years.
  • Avoid multiple freeze-thaws if possible.*

*Note: Cytokines IL-6 and IL-10 seemed to show stability to multiple freeze-thaws in one study (1).

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