Singulex Erenna:  Core Lab for Clinical Studies (CLCS) was one of the few academic labs to have access to the Singulex system over ten years ago. This digital single molecule counting system can be thought of as a “smart” ELISA reader with a greatly extended lower analytical measurement range.  The benefits are an increased sensitivity and improved reproducibility at the limits of measurement.   It accomplishes this by using fluorescent tags for the detection antibody and having the sample slowly withdrawn into a laser detector.

Core Lab for Clinical Studies (CLCS) currently offers mouse, rat and human insulin by the Singulex method. The standard amount for a Singulex insulin assay is only 5 µl, whereas typical RIA and automated assays for insulin require 100 -250 µl of sample.  Our typical lower limit of quantitation with this method is 19.5 pg/mL. Current pricing is $26.72 per sample with a discounted price ($18.12) for DRC and NORC members. We will continue to offer this method until we have it developed on the new SMCxPRO system.

EMD Millipore SMCxPRO system

More recently, additional single molecule counting systems have become commercially available. In 2019, we purchased the EMD Millipore SMCxPRO system (funding provided through NIH grant #S10OD027006).  This system uses the same detection principles, but with a bead-based system rather than a fluidics system.  Thus, the instrument is easier to operate and maintain.

Learn how Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) technology works using the SMCxPRO™ Instrument

This system is housed on the 6th floor of the Wohl Clinic and will be available to researchers at Washington University.  We will begin training interested users as well as offering testing on this platform in 2021.  Kits for several analytes can be purchased from the manufacturer or one can develop their own unique assay with custom antibodies.

Contact Dr. Jennifer Powers Carson ( for more information or training.