Click below for available tests and pricing as well as sample type and volumes needed for each test.

Note: Prices for many tests have been updated effective December 1, 2023. Please see the new pricing sheets below. Also note that DRC members as well as NORC members now receive discounted pricing on certain tests. 

Complete Testing List (pdf)

This list contains an alphabetical test list with CPT codes, sample collection information, and other testing details.

Routine Test List with Pricing (pdf)

This list contains a list of routine testing performed on our automated platforms. Tests are performed daily, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted.

Send Out Test List with Pricing (pdf)

This list contains a list of common send-outs. These tests are sent daily (Mon – Fri) to Mayo or Quest Laboratories. 

Batch Test (Kits) with Pricing (pdf)

This list contains tests for which kits are ordered after sample submission and includes testing by a variety of methods such as ELISA, RIA, and the SMCxPro.  These tests are done less often, and the pdf lists the minimum number of samples per run and a maximum number of samples per kit.

Core Lab Price List