Washington University Investigator-initiated testing is priced near cost while Washington University industry-initiated testing and testing for external users is priced to be very competitive with other labs including hospital labs.

Core Lab is a gateway for all clinical laboratory testing. Just deliver your samples to us. If it makes economic sense – as for almost all routine assays, we will do the test in-house. If not, we have relationships with national laboratories designed to get the best possible price. Investigators can often save money by using batched testing where all the samples from a clinical trial are frozen and then analyzed together. We also offer a “bring your own test kit” program in which commercial kits can be run efficiently on our equipment.

Prices are critical to clinical investigators. However, individual investigators have almost no ability to negotiate with performing labs. And it makes a big difference. One common test has a billing price of $135 but a true market value of only $20. We have invested time and financial expertise to understand test prices. We know what the real costs are and what is available in the market. We will negotiate for you.