Routine Chemistry Testing

Routine tests are performed daily, M-F, on automated analyzers (Roche, Beckman Coulter).

Customized Assays with Commercially Available ELISA or RIA Kits

These are performed on an as-needed basis in batches. 

Collection Kits for Investigator’s Trials

We can also order and organize supplies for blood collection or sample shipping for multi-site studies.  Typical blood collection kits would include collection tubes, pipets, pour-off vials, and custom labels. Cryovial storage boxes are also sent per request.  Typical shipping kits may include a box labeled with testing site, FedEX  Clinical Pak Envelope, absorbent tube holder or absorbent pad, cold pack, biohazard bags, pre-printed FedEX airbills, and/or bubble mailers. 


Other Specialized Methods for Custom Assays

          High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

          SMCxPro  (single molecule counting)

Free Consultation and Quotes

Core Laboratory for Clinical Studies will consult with you without charge either face-to-face or by phone or e-mail to help you optimize your clinical laboratory testing. We can help with the following, even before your study begins:

  • Knowing what sample type should be collected.
  • Knowing what storage conditions may be necessary.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various testing methods.
  • Budget quotes for your planned study.

Our price lists. For other analytes and for large numbers of samples, please contact us.

Email us or leave a phone message to set up a consultation.

Jennifer Powers Carson, PhD

CLIA Lab Director
(314) 273-1378

Dave Gibson

Director of Operations
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