Submitting Samples

1)  Complete the Request for CLCS Services form (download) with required study and billing information and email to and This can be done as you begin your sample collection.

2)  When samples are collected and ready for testing, complete the appropriate requisition form, along with your samples:

Routine Clinical Chemistry Analyte Requisition  (download) – for samples to be analyzed as collected

Batched Analyte Requisition (download) Including ELISA and RIA Methods– for frozen samples to be analyzed together

Batched Sample Spreadsheet example (download)

Note for Batched Analytes

In order to prevent errors, batched samples must be well-organized and labeled.  We recommend using cardboard 2 inch freezer boxes and 1.5 ml microfuge tubes with O-ring sealed screw caps.  Each batch must be accompanied by a spreadsheet/table describing the contents of each position in each box and the tests requested in addition to the Batched Analyte Requisition.  Glass tubes and disorganized tubes in ziplock containers will not be accepted.

Physical Location

We are located in the Washington University School of Medicine on the 6th floor of the Wohl Clinic, St. Louis MO 63110.  Laboratories and sample receiving (Room 6619) are located behind locked doors.  For sample drop-off, please ring the doorbell located on the double doors.  Please call 314-362-3522 (Lab Services) prior to walking over to ensure that we are ready to receive your samples.